Sunday, February 21, 2016

Lets Talk Distribution : Streaming !

Streaming has been a hot topic over the past few years. It has become part of the distribution model that we have in the music industry. You can not simply speak artists statistic numbers on their music without mentioning the streaming portion. It seems Spotify is the norm and scale used to measure artists even though there is more than one streaming service. Spotify is one of the biggest on demand streaming before Apple Music got into the picture. The talk against Spotify is about the unfairness on their payment to the labels and their artists. Even though this issue is at hand, one can not deny the fact how important the streaming services have become in todays industry. The features that these innovative companies are coming out to support the artists are great. You have the ability to be heard from millions domestically and internationally. Playlists are setup for discovery programs where a consumer can go to and discover new music and possibly become a new fan of a new artist. Streaming is not just only for music but also for visual presentations whether there are movies, music videos, documentaries etc. One of the major popular streaming services for movies, original content, and tv shows are Netflix. This is similar to Spotify directors and other content creators are able to distribute their product through Netflix , YouTube, and Vimeo among other video streaming providers. Distribution is becoming more and more easier to handle for everyone as technology is shaping the entertainment industry as a whole. It is time to embrace streaming for what it is but we need to be able to make it fair for everyone that is involved. It can not just be one sided. Technology has to understand that these content creators work need to be properly compensated and they need to understand without them there is no existence in there business and the creators need to know that without theses new innovations without them there is no exposure for their work or money. Embrace the race and work together.

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