Sunday, January 10, 2016

Music Streaming Legal Battles

The world of music streaming as we know is a very messy business in the music industry. There is countless battles between the record labels, music publishers, and artists against these big tech music streaming companies. There have been online protest and petitions, legal battles sifting left and right. Companies being sues out of business and currently facing lawsuits for alleged copyright infringements all in the name of the artists and their representatives of their work being paid fairly. Three recent legal battles I would like to bring to the light is one Spotify being faced with two lawsuits one for $150 million dollars and another for $200 million dollars. The complaint is that they are infringing on the copyrights. They are basically unfairly using music and not fairly paying out the creators. In my opinion I deeply believe that Spotify owe these artists more money than they are giving. It is not fair or ethically right. For a highly evaluated company that is valued in the billions they should in fact pay the artists more. The other legal battle is Cash Money suing Tidal streaming service for $50 million dollars because Tidal licensed their artist Lil Wayne music and they felt that they should have went to them. I personally believe this case will be thrown out because Lil Wayne entered a exclusive deal with Tidal to stream his new album exclusively that he made for Tidal, so that should not be a problem. another case is Aurous, they were sued out of business and I think that is fair because they did not want to pay the artists at all, so I agree with thath. References:

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