Monday, February 13, 2012

M.A.C. ft Katie Taylor
'Fly Away'
On iTunes Valetine's Day
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Being a new year, 2012 not only equates to a new start in everyday life, but also to the birth of rising artists in the music industry. M.A.C, a rapper hailing from Long Island, NY, released his first single, “Fly Away”, with the rich, sexy vocals of Katie Taylor supporting him throughout the track. M.A.C shamelessly takes pride in his woman in “Fly Away”, making sure that all who listen know what she is about, and what he loves about her the most.
“She so fantastic/I love her body, her body is so sexy/She calls me, she text me, I love the way that she sex me. Christian heels, that tight dress, five-star meals/And success is all I see with you by my side.”
Katie also returns his endearment when her own words of adoration and fascination,
“Baby, you're mine, you're mine/Out of this world, boy, you one of a kind/Maybe I'm blind, 'cause all I see/Is someone oh so fine right in front of me.”
Together, the two sing of a passionate devotion towards each other with the desire to always do what it takes to keep their lover happy.
“Baby, we should fly away/Thinkin' 'bout you every night and day/And I swear it's true/What should I say, baby, what should I do?”
With enthusiastic builds throughout the track, along with a strong bass and an all-around fresh sound, M.A.C brings a revolutionary track that offers a work of art that keeps listeners entertained without fail, and bound to find themselves singing the song even after it's over, keeping them coming back for more.

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