Sunday, March 6, 2016

What Else Is There To Say About Streaming ?

Streaming, Streaming , Streaming. What else could be said about this topic ? There is a lot that can talked about. Lets take a dive into a Fast Company article “5 Ways Streaming Music Will Change In 2016”. So here what was listed one Pandora will morph into something completely different , two your favorite songs will sound better, three a streaming service will go under (or get acquired), fourth revenue from music subscriptions will explode, and five music will begin to shift away from “free”. My thoughts on this is that I agree with this article on their list. Pandora has been constantly and consistently growing as a company and brand. They have acquired other companies such as Rdio, Next Sound, and TicketFly as part of their arsenal catered to helping artists. The fact that favorite songs will sound better is very enticing to hear. With technology at a constant growth and the demand to hear better quality music , it will force the music industry to technically focus on the mix on a grander scale than just hearing music in clubs or our mini headphones. Now to skip into my main interest in the streaming business music subscriptions are on the rise and the notion of listening to music free diminishing is great because that means the artists and creators can be properly compensated for their work. There is an ongoing battle right now between the streaming services and labels and music publishers . I feel once these issues get resolved and I feel like they will be , the music industry can be back at its glorified state. Now another article I would like to look at is an article by CNET called Spotify, Apple Music, Rdio and Rhapsody: Which Music Streaming App Is Right For You ?. The basis of this article just showed comparative analysis between the five mentioned streaming companies in the title. The thing about these analysis are that they are subject to taste. I personally feel each streaming service are unique in their own way but pretty much all are doing the same thing eventually. I personally am an Apple fan, so that is the service I use. I love the fact that it is clean and easy to use. That is what I would recommend to others to use.
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  1. Hi Mario,

    First off, I must say that I like the look of your blog; I definitely should consider enhancing my look a little more. The topic about streaming is an interesting one. I can personally cosign on Pandora that as a brand, I have used their streaming services since I was in middle school, before Pandora was popular. As far as streaming services offering better sound quality for favorite songs, that sounds nice, but I am thinking that the situation will be similar to Tidal's; you will have to have a certain type of speak to hear the slight progression of sound. In regard to your comment about artists and other copyright holders receiving proper royalties from songs transitioning from "free" well, right now even free streaming services pay royalties to the rightful recipients. The main concern is the rate per play copyright owners receive from free and paid streaming services (they vary). The last point I want to touch on is the idea that choosing a streaming service is all based on perference, which I can agree on. I personally like Pandora due to the fact that I never paid for the services and I absolutely have no negative taste about it. Other streaming services are cool, but I have a whole library of sations I created through Pandora; it would be silly of me to start over. Great read!