Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Apple Music Making A Stamp In The Streaming Wars And You Can Too.

Apple Music barely three months old has been winning in what is now being called the streaming wars. There are the big three as far as it goes with the record labels Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Universal Music Group. Then there are the big three within the streaming industry Spotify, Pandora, and now Apple Music. Artists should know of the many they have regarding submitting their creations to the streaming companies as well as the potential new startups that can change the game.
   Apple Music is a dual service meaning they have interactive and non-interactive services. Meaning, their non-interactive is their radio counterpart Beats 1, where the listeners cannot skip or demand music freely. Their other part of service is their interactive side where you can exactly listen to whatever you like. There are many companies sprucing up their features to attract artists but how can a new startup get involved in the wild , wild, west.

   My research in discovering alternative routes in creating a new streaming service that can help all artists and creators alike resulted in the need of  improving the business model. That is the only thing that makes sense.  Think bout it, all the streaming services do and feature just about the same services. The only ting that is unique is their business models and interfaces. Besides that there is nothing else. Also what needs to be taken into effect is that you can only do as much as the labels allow you to do. Right now what is needed is a business model that makes sense for both parties the service and the content providers. New startups should first review the current business models and then disrupt it. Currently I have a few ideas on my own to do this. Once you have your own formula , one must build upon “working application models”. From there you can become creative only as long as you have the labels backing you that this can work. There needs to be a support system on both ends. That is  how new streaming startups can survive in this frontier.