Sunday, July 19, 2015

The State of The Music Industry Insight

     The state of the Music Industry is not what it use to be. It has forever changed. Everything has changed within it from getting your foot in the industry down to maintaining a high-end image. The biggest change that has been very noticeable and made public is the new changes in revenue. Specifically regarding the revolution of the “Streaming Industry” and the monies revolving around it. The biggest problem is the compensation of the artists, songwriters, labels, and publishers versus the revenue these streaming companies make. The business model is a shaky one, broken in my opinion. This dates back to the pay rates that were previously set by the government, which I believe, is in need of a make over. It seems unbelievable that if you have 1 million streams your compensation is a fractionof 10 percent of the revenue it brings in which ranges from $6-8K, and that is coming from Spotify. It gets worse if you are getting paid from Pandora , you will be getting a fraction from 10% of a much smaller income. For Pandora 1 million streams will bring in the revenue of $1,650. It completely does not make any sense. The factors and variables involved are very great, it matters if you are the artist, songwriter, label , or publisher. Different roles introduce different monies.

   However with all that stated, I believe the Music Streaming services we have can help rebuild and revitalize the once “Glorified Music Industry”. There is that possibility of entering a new golden era in music. With streaming we are discovering more and more talented artists all over, in a speed that traditionally didn’t exist. The streaming world opens up to the masses. You are able to have a better and greater range of Artists that you can connect with. “Streaming is here to stay”. We as a whole need to sit down and come with better terms that respectfully benefit both sides of the Music Industry as a whole.

(via WSJ)

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Music Stream Money: The Value of a Stream

  Music Streaming has become a very popular recently in the past couple of years. It has superseded   CD , and Digital sales. It has now become the peoples choice for digesting and embracing music. In fact as reported by Strategy Eye Digital , streaming in the U.S. has grown by almost 100% in the first half of 2015. Now with all that said and done, lets look at the money and the break up of a stream in terms of who gets paid and how much as reported by View the infographic below provided by :